Why choose IGLU Heat Pumps?


The newest technology heat pumps could be managed by IGLU® Home app that provides the possibility to change various settings and monitor heat pumps activity. Lithuanian manufacturer IGLU TECH also provides heat pump service in case of technical issues, many of those issues can be solved remotely.


Heat pumps are made of the best components, that’s why heat pumps work efficiently during all the seasons. IGLU heat pumps are tested in climates where outdoor temperatures vary by up to 50°C, ensuring efficient operation in any weather. Long lasting heat pumps technology that could serve more than few decades if it was maintained correctly.


Renewable energy is the fuel that heat pumps turn into heating, cooling and hot water preparation. Environment-friendly components that are made of reusable plastic are used during production and the shell is made of metal. All components were checked in the laboratories to ensure the quality. IGLU TECH become a member of EHPA and is certified by internationally recognized standards ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.


Heat pumps don’t use any harmful components during its operation and are safe to install in commonly used areas. No need for additional space or room, in fact our heat pumps are made in standard dimensions, so it could be installed in various furniture.

The newest IGLU TECH production line – IGLU® Charge.

Plan a charging session

Set charging time based on convenience or lower electricity price.


Innovative charging station technology allows to save on fuel costs.


Charging stations are one of the environment-friendly solutions.

Easy to manage

With free IGLU® Home app you can manage settings and find consumption reports.

EHPA membership

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