IGLU® Aleut — for heating with geothermal energy

Geothermal heating is the most efficient heating solution that ensures the lowest costs. It has an efficiency of up to 650%, i.e., up to 6.5 kW of thermal energy can be generated from 1 kW of electricity.

Highly recommended for large houses and buildings with lower energy efficiency and higher heat demand.

IGLU® Inuit — for heating with energy stored in the air

The air-to-water system is a heating solution that requires smaller initial investments, is easy to install and environmentally friendly. It has an efficiency of 300%, i.e., up to 3 kW of thermal energy can be produced from 1 kW of electricity.

It is the optimal choice for houses and cottages with a small area.

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Advantages of ground-to-water heat pumps

Energy from the depths of the earth

IGLU® Aleut uses free, naturally accumulated energy to produce heat and cool the home, keeping costs to a minimum.

The most effective solution

Ground-to-water heat pumps have an efficiency of up to 650%. It is the best choice for buildings with a larger area or lower efficiency.

Aesthetic and silent system

The geothermal heating system does not have an external outdoor unit, thus preserving the aesthetics of the building and eliminating a source of noise

Advantages of air-to-water heat pumps

Outdoor air energy

IGLU® Inuit heat pumps use air, which is transferred from one environment to another, for home heating, cooling and hot water production.

Optimal solution

Air-to-water heat pumps are characterised by lower initial investments, which is why they are often chosen by owners of cottages and small houses.

Quick installation

Air-to-water heat pumps are extremely quick to install — installation can be completed in just 1 day.

Where to buy a heat pump?

IGLU® Aleut and IGLU® Inuit heat pumps are available in the stores of our trading partners.