Equipment repair

Preventive maintenance of equipment

We provide quality repair services for heat pumps, air conditioners, refrigeration and heat recovery equipment. We identify defects and faults, and assess damages after various accidents.

To ensure a long service life of your heating system, we recommend a preventive check of the heat pump and the entire heating system once a year.

  • Start-up and adjustment of a geothermal heating system
  • Preventive maintenance of heat pumps and other equipment
  • On-site specialist consultation
  • Heat pump repairs
  • Replacement of compressors and heat exchangers
  • Replacement, installation and start-up of control electronics
  • Installing new controllers in older heat pumps
  • Heat pump operating parameters check
  • Assessment of the system’s energy performance
  • Outdoor circuit check (cleaning of filters, raising pressure)
  • Internal circuit check
  • System adjustment
  • Software update
  • Online management configuration

We provide warranty for the works performed.

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