IGLU® Inuit air-to-water heat pumps use air and the energy it contains not only for space heating, cooling but also for hot water production.


Variable power air-to-water heat pumps with an integrated water heater

6-16 kW

IGLU Inuit I

Variable power air-to-water heat pumps without an integrated water heater

6-16 kW

Optimum choice for many homes

The air-to-water system requires ~30% less initial investment compared to the ground-to-water system.

IGLU® Inuit heat pumps are designed for heating, cooling, and hot water. You can choose between an indoor unit with or without an integrated water heater. The 200-liter spiral water heater is made of stainless steel and includes an additional electric tank to prevent legionellosis. The drinking water flows through a heat exchanger, which is heated by a 200-liter thermofix.

IGLU® Inuit heat pumps have a COP coefficient of 4.92. For instance, heat pumps use 1 kW of energy to produce almost 5 kW of thermal energy. Inverter-variable power technology regulates the heat load according to the current heat demand, allowing you to use only as much energy as you need.

Exceptional design – compact size of the indoor and outdoor units, weatherproof housing of the outdoor unit. The heat pump is suitable for a wide range of home interiors, so there is no need to hide it away and no need for a separate room. The heat pump is ideal for bathrooms, hallways and kitchens, where it can be easily integrated into existing furniture.

IGLU® Inuit is designed for northern European climates and can operate efficiently in temperatures as low as -25°C. The outdoor unit comes standard with a heating element to prevent ice formation (except for the 6 kW which is sold separately).

The outdoor unit features low-noise fans, allowing for quiet operation of both indoor and outdoor units.

IGLU® Inuit heat pumps offer maximum comfort not only in terms of functionality but also in terms of ease of operation. The free IGLU® Home app allows you to control your heat pump remotely from anywhere in the world. The app allows you to monitor electricity, heat consumption and efficiency in real time. For those without smartphones, a wall-mounted remote control can be ordered instead of IGLU® Home at an additional cost.

IGLU® is a heat pump manufacturer that offers professional 24/7 service. Their technology is reliable and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 5 years (standard warranty is 2 years).

Convenient and easy installation

Air-to-water heat pumps are extremely easy to install — installation can be completed in just 1 day.

The IGLU® Inuit indoor unit is convenient for connection and servicing. The outdoor unit has a built-in heating element to prevent ice formation (except for 6 kW unit). A heated condensate bath in the outdoor unit ensures functionality in low temperatures.

Standard anti-vibration rubbers and a siphon help to reduce sound emissions.

The IGLU® system offers indoor units with or without integrated water heaters, allowing for flexible selection of hot water tank capacity based on individual needs. The integrated water heater technology requires a small expansion vessel. In case of low outdoor temperatures and there is a lack of water in the heating system for defrosting, the heat pump uses boiler water.

In situations where different heating circuits are present, such as floor and radiators, a mixing actuator must be used to control and distribute them independently. For larger heat requirements, IGLU® Inuit heat pumps can be cascaded.

Start-up – the manufacturer undertakes to connect the heat pump to the IGLU® Home app and professional service access. The manufacturer takes care of the warranty and post-warranty service.

Safe and environmentally friendly heating solution

No combustion processes take place in the IGLU® Inuit heat pump, therefore, it does not release CO2, which is harmful to the environment. The system is 100% safe, with no risk of fire or explosion.

IGLU® Inuit – the optimum solution for private homes, rural tourism farmsteads and cottages

Smart heat pump control with the IGLU® Home application, even without internet connection

24/7 heat pump operation monitoring on the remote service platform

IGLU® heat pumps are connected to a remote service platform that helps to detect and resolve system problems in time, even without a repairman on site.

Local manufacturer service

Warranty and post-warranty maintenance and start-up of IGLU® Inuit heat pumps are performed by the local manufacturer service.

Why choose aerothermal heating?

Lower initial investment required

Easy installation in both new and renovated buildings

Heating efficiency of up to 500%

Excellent alternative for facilities in remote areas


Hassle- and maintenance-free


Sustainable and environmentally friendly heating solution


Ensures high efficiency and low heating costs

Where to buy an IGLU® heat pump?

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