Ground source heat pump IGLU Aleut Inverter 7 WTI

High efficiency geothermal heat pump for heating, cooling (passive and active) and hot water preparation. Inverter technology ensures the highest seasonal efficiency and minimum heating costs.

All IGLU Aleut heat pumps use energy accumulated at primer and turns it to heat / cool through a vertical or horizontal outdoor circuit. This ensures minimal costs and energy losses.



IGLU® Aleut is a series of innovative, reliable, ground-source heat pumps. All products have extremely high efficiency even at very low outdoor temperatures. IGLU® Aleut geothermal heat pumps uses free energy stored underground and ensures minimal heating and cooling costs. Geothermal heat pumps also contribute to the reduction of CO2, protect the environment and are the best choice for autonomous heating and cooling nowadays. Made in Lithuania. Use: individual houses and cottages
Advantages of IGLU® Aleut geothermal heat pumps:
  •  Intuitive user interface in English, Russian and Lithuanian
  •  Remote control and monitoring
  •  Comfort control via user-friendly, easy to use app
  •  Real time reports of produced and used energy
  •  Possibility to add a wall-mounted heat pump controller
  •  Electronic agent injection
  •  The latest generation of circulation pumps
  •  Scroll compressors
  •  Plate heat exchangers
  •  Integrated water heating tank (only in WT models)
  • Possibility to add external water heating tank
    Selected: 120 m2

    Additional information


    Ground-source heat pumps


    Inverter heat pumps

    Dimensions (cm)

    70×70×175 cm

    Water heater

    With water heater (200 l)

    Capacity for heating

    1,5-7 kW

    SCOP B0/W35


    Refrigerant quantity (kg)