Maximum comfort at minimum cost

IGLU® Max industrial geothermal heat pumps use clean energy stored in the depth of the earth keeping heating costs to a minimum.

Long-term benefits

Geothermal heating is extremely reliable — the outdoor circuit is installed for the lifetime of the building and the heat pump service life is to 20 years.

Safe and environmentally friendly heating solution

No combustion processes take place in the geothermal heat pump, therefore, it does not release CO2, which is harmful to the environment. The system is 100% safe, with no risk of fire or explosion.

IGLU® Max – the solution for renovated and newly built apartment buildings, as well as industrial and public facilities


Constant power industrial geothermal heat pumps without water heater

24-240 kW

Smart heat pump control on the IGLU® Portal platform

24/7 heat pump operation monitoring on the remote service platform

IGLU® heat pumps are connected to a remote service platform that helps to detect and resolve system problems in time, even without a repairman on site.

Local manufacturer service

Warranty and post-warranty maintenance and start-up of IGLU® Max heat pumps are performed by the local manufacturer service.

Why choose geothermal heating?

Free cooling during the warm season

Installation in both new and renovated buildings

Excellent alternative for facilities in remote areas

Heating efficiency of up to 650%


Hassle- and maintenance-free


Sustainable and environmentally friendly heating solution


Ensures high efficiency and low heating costs

Where to buy an IGLU® heat pump?

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