IGLU Aleut Heat Pumps

IGLU® Aleut

Durable, geothermal heat pumps for a modern home. It uses naturally accumulated, free energy for heat and cooling production, and ensures minimal costs.

Heating, cooling and hot water

One device – three functions

The new generation of IGLU Aleut heat pumps use clean energy stored in the depths of the earth not only for space heating, but also for cooling and preparation of hot water.

The most advanced heat pump components

Higher efficiency at lower costs

Carefully selected and matched heat pump components allow to achieve maximum seasonal efficiency and ensure minimum costs.

Smart application for comfort control

Remote control from anywhere

The IGLU Home app allows to control the device in real time, monitor the operating parameters of the heating system, electricity consumption, produced thermal energy and instantaneous efficiency factor.

IGLU Home app

Intelligent comfort control with the IGLU Home app

  • Extremely convenient regulation of indoor air and hot water preparation temperatures
  • Real-time monitoring of energy consumption, heat production and COP
  • Outdoor temperature display
  • Monitoring of energy consumption, heat produced and SCOP
  • Monitoring of operating parameters of the device
  • Switching the device on/off, activating the cooling function